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Rose & Daisy Combo – Experience the epitome of floral elegance with our breathtaking Rose and Daisy Harmony Box, a carefully crafted arrangement that marries the passion of 30 red roses with the purity of 5 white daisies. This stunning ensemble is a visual symphony, creating a harmonious balance between the timeless allure of red roses and the simple charm of white daisies.

At the heart of this captivating arrangement are 30 resplendent red roses, symbolizing love, desire, and undying passion. Each velvety petal is a testament to the richness of your emotions, making this collection of roses a perfect expression of profound affection. The deep red hues create a captivating contrast, exuding warmth and intensity that is both romantic and alluring.

Intertwined amidst the sea of red roses are 5 delicate white daisies, imparting a touch of innocence and purity to the composition. The white blossoms stand as a symbol of simplicity, complementing the passionate red roses with their serene beauty. The careful placement of daisies within the arrangement adds a layer of freshness and vibrancy, creating a dynamic visual interplay.

The arrangement is presented in a chic and contemporary box, serving as both a vessel and a showcase for the exquisite floral display. The sleek design of the box enhances the overall presentation, allowing the beauty of each bloom to shine through. Whether displayed in your home or gifted to a loved one, the Rose and Daisy Harmony Box is a timeless expression of love and admiration.

This thoughtfully Rose & Daisy Combo curated combination of 30 red roses and 5 white daisies transcends the ordinary, offering a unique and meaningful way to convey your deepest emotions. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a gesture of appreciation, let this exquisite floral arrangement be a messenger of your love, bringing joy and beauty to any special occasion


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Rose & Daisy Combo

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