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5 Flower Care Tips for Udaipur Climate

Udaipur’s Climate is best for Flower keeping, but there are few things to be kept in Mind. Follow these 5 Flower care tips given below:

  1. Place your Bouquet in Bright Light area: Fresh cut flowers do not required sunlight, most of the flower species needs sunlight to bloom but when they are cut-off from their main plant they no longer required sunlight. When a florist prepare a bouquet they cut the already bloomed flowers, and if we expose them into sunlight, then sunlight will encourage them to get mature and eventually the flower will be dried up.
  2. Use a Clear and Sterilized Vass: When you place the flowers in unclear vase, you are risking to ruin your flowers. Unclean Vase may contains bacteria that can weaken the flowers. So before using a Vase, make sure you’ve washed it with soap and sterilized with diluted bleach.
  3. Trim the Base: Flowers start developing a dry layer within 2-3 hours of harvesting, this is an natural process of flowers to prevent themselves from drying-up, as they are not getting any nutrition. However, if when we cut the stem we are removing the dry layer from the bottom so that the flower could absorb the nutrition from Water. Few things to be kept in mind while cutting the stem, 1. Make a sharp cut, 2. cut should be in 45° degree angle. This process will make your bouquet survive longer.
  4. Remove some Leaves: Remove the base leaves before putting the flowers in the Vase. This process is very essential when you consider to take care of your bouquet. By removing the base leaves, your flowers will not use its energy to sustain the leaves, rather it will use that energy to make your Bloom survive longer.
  5. Change Water Daily: Imagine you someone give you a glass full of week old water, you will not drink it. Similarly, if you give you do not change the water of your vase then it will start developing the bacteria in it. This can ruin you flower’s base and your Flowers will die soon. So, Try to change the water Daily, it not, then every alternate days.

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