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Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate Kiss Day than with a romantic combo from New Lucky Flowers and Cake? We’ve curated a delightful selection of pairings that combine stunning blooms with decadent treats, guaranteed to set the mood for a kiss (or two) and ignite the flames of passion.

Classic Romantics Rejoice:

  • The Timeless Kiss: Reignite the spark with a timeless combination of a dozen luxurious red roses, the quintessential flower of love, and a box of decadent chocolates for a sweet and sensual treat. This classic combo speaks volumes without a word being spoken.
  • Modern Love in Bloom: For a contemporary twist, pair a vibrant bouquet featuring lilies, orchids, or tulips with a selection of gourmet truffles or heart-shaped cookies. This elegant and playful combo is perfect for surprising your modern-day love interest.
  • Sparkle and Sizzle: Elevate your Kiss Day celebration with a combo featuring a breathtaking bouquet of mixed blooms and a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne. This sophisticated pairing sets the stage for an unforgettable evening filled with romance and passion.

Beyond the Bouquet:

  • Kiss Me Quick (But Not Goodbye): Send a playful message with a charming bouquet of gerberas or other bright, cheerful flowers paired with a set of cute, kissable temporary tattoos. This fun and flirty combo is a lighthearted way to celebrate love and playful affection.
  • Aromatic Aphrodisiacs: Light the fire of passion with a combo featuring a bouquet of fragrant lilies or jasmine (known aphrodisiacs) and a selection of gourmet chocolates with hints of chili pepper or other spices. This alluring combination is sure to tantalize the senses.
  • Candlelit Cuddle Session: Create an intimate atmosphere with a combo featuring a soft and romantic bouquet in pastel colors and a set of scented candles and massage oils. This sensual pairing sets the mood for a relaxing and romantic evening of connection.

Sweeten the Kiss with Variety:

We offer an extensive selection of flowers and chocolates to cater to every taste. From classic red roses to exotic orchids, milk chocolates to decadent dark chocolate truffles with romantic fillings, you’re sure to find the perfect pairing to express your love and desire.

A Kiss Delivered with Every Bloom:

New Lucky Flowers and Cake makes it easy to celebrate Kiss Day in style. Browse our delightful collection of Kiss Day combos and find the perfect pairing to set the mood for romance. Order online today and send a virtual kiss (or a hint for one) to your special someone!