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Planning for Wedding and want it to be memorable forever? Do you also want your relatives to keep talking about your wedding? if yes, your are at the Right Place.

New Lucky Flowers and Cakes, the Best Florist in the Udaipur, have a team of experienced florists that will turn you wedding venue into Heaven like place.

We are working and enhancing Venues from many years, we believe in providing quality services so that could make your special day unforgettable forever.

Types of Wedding Special Decoration

  1. Traditional Decoration: In This type of decoration we add a special traditional touch to the venue decoration that make it look like a Royal Wedding.
  2. Modern Style Decoration: If you want your wedding decoration to be look modern and stylish, we can do that as well.

Flowers are more than just decorations at a wedding; they set the mood, reflect your style, and create a lasting impression.

From classic centerpieces to dramatic floral arches, incorporating blooms into your wedding décor can transform your venue into a breathtaking wonderland.

The first step is to identify your wedding’s theme and style. Are you going for a romantic, vintage vibe? Lush greenery and pastel roses could be perfect. Dreaming of a modern, minimalist celebration? Opt for clean lines and statement blooms like orchids or calla lilies.

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