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Happy Holi Fest March 2022


Holi is a vibrant festival.

To put it another way, this occasion provides joy and happiness to the whole family.

Holi is a one-of-a-kind new couple who weds according to ritual and puja.

Then, the next day, adults and children come together to play the “gulal” colours and “Dulahandi” co loured water.
Crowds gathered to eat “gujiya,” or special sweets produced just for the day, and provide “thandaai,” or cold drinks, and “bhaang.”
When playing Holi, people must be conscious of their surroundings and take care not to damage anyone.

Holi Dahan

During the day, woman folk worship a stack of wooden logs called Holi.

Even today, everyone burns a stack of wood and cow dunk in the night and burn Holika,



Hindus believe that a devil king named Hiranyakashyap ruled long ago.

Holika was his sister, and Prahlad was his son.

Lord Brahma is claimed to have bestowed his blessings on the devil king.

Because of this blessing, no man, beast, or weapon could ever kill him.

When he became arrogant, this blessing became a curse for him.

He demanded that his country worship him instead of God, and he spared no one, including his own son.

Everyone, with the exception of his son, Prahlad, began to worship him after that.

Prahlad was adamant that he would not worship.


We should learn from this celebration and discard our evils in favour of good. This festival teaches us that we should never be proud of ourselves because pride disables our ability to think.

Holi is a festival of love, universal brotherhood, and goodwill among individuals and communities. this festival gives us the message of unity and brotherhood.

In 2021, we have to celebrate Holi properly because a new virus has spread We must follow the manner of civilized citizens and respect others. Please follow proper social distancing and celebrate Holi with limited Gathering.


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