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International Woman day

Introduction :- In simple terms, it entitles women to take charge of their own personal development.

What is Woman Empowerment?

Women’s empowerment is giving women the ability to live a happy and respected life in society. Education, awareness, literacy, and training are some things it involves. It also involves decision-making authority. A woman feels powerful when she takes a significant decision. Empowering women is the most important factor in a country’s overall growth.

Need for woman Empowerment?

Almost all countries, regardless of how progressive, have a history of mistreating women. To put it another way, women from all over the world have been defiant to achieve their current standing.. Women’s empowerment is more important than ever in India. India is a country where women are not safe. This is because of a variety of factors. The education and freedom scenario is extremely regressive in this situation. Women may not continue their education and are married off at a young age.

In simple terms, it entitles women to take charge of their own personal development. It is a foundational step to ensure the prosperous growth of a family and the country.

Steps to Empower Women

Women can be empowered in various ways. It can be done through government schemes as well as on an individual basis. At the individual level, we should start respecting women and start giving them opportunities equal to those of men. We should promote and encourage them to take up jobs, higher education, business activities, etc. The government has come up with various schemes such as Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana, Mahila-E-Haat, Mahila Shakti Kendra, Working Women’s Hostel, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, etc. to empower women. Apart from these schemes, we, as individuals, can also empower women by abolishing social evils like the dowry system and child marriage. These small steps will change the situation of women in society and make them feel empowered.

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